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HOUSTON - The challenges for today's decision makers have never been tougher. They are asked to evaluate important alternatives and make critical choices in less time. The speed of business is continually accelerating and the ramifications of poor choices can seriously impair a company's future performance and potentially, even its livelihood.

From our vantage point as educators as well as practitioners of Quality Decision Making (QDM), Decision Frameworks is always trying to fill the gaps in the application of good decision skills. One such area of opportunity exists with the common tools of analysis. An area of great weakness across most industries has been the lack of a comprehensive yet easy to use decision tree tool. Today, Decision Frameworks is pleased to announce the development of just such a product.

Decision Frameworks' "Decision Tree" software, bridges the gap of usability and capability. With Decision Tree, users that do not habitually perform uncertainty analysis are able to use a product efficiently while, at the same time, the demands of advanced users are satisfied with features that allow for the most advanced scenarios.

Decision Tree makes it easy to analyze small day to day problems in simple trees with a few mouse clicks, while offering, through its calculation engine architecture, the computation power of handling very large trees (in excess of five hundred thousand end nodes). In addition, Decision Tree is integrated with Microsoft Excel and makes use of the latest Microsoft .Net development architecture.

The release date of the product is set for November 15, 2009 with pre-release versions available in advance. If you would like more information about the product or would like an invitation to our release party, please contact

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