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What is a decision frame?
It is a group's bounded view of a decision problem that they face.

Why is decision framing important to project managers?
Because all projects are mired in issues, but not all issues are equal. Correct framing achieves clarity and consensus quickly. These are not just important, but critical in determining the best course of action.

How does decision framing help project teams quickly grasp the landscape of their decision problems?
By introducing decision framing fundamentals that assist managers and teams to distinguish and address different types of issues. Teams can then easily:
  • Define the problem.
  • Focus the problem.
  • Identify project risks and uncertainties that can make it difficult to choose the best option.
  • Structure the alternatives to be considered.
  • Use scenarios to test the impact of each alternative.

Repetition, Relevance, and Ease of Use
Build decision framing proficiency with Decision Frameworks proprietary skill development program. The key tenets of this approach are:

  • Repetition that integrates lectures with in-course practicum. Over the three-day course, participants work through seven
  • decision frames, increasing skill with each iteration.
  • Relevance through use of industry-relevant examples that project teams face. Three problems are pre-defined, while four others are based on real-life participant problems. Examples include:
    • General: Business development, new country / market entry, marketing, or manufacturing strategy
    • Energy: Exploration, appraisal, development, refining, pipeline, or processing strategy
    • Pharmaceuticals: Dosing, formulation, indications, lead replacement, early and late trial design
  • Ease of Use of the decision framing approach through the use of the industry-standard decision framing software tool DTrio®, which is provided with the course. DTrio® guides project managers through the decision framing workflow to ensure quality and efficiency.
Course Agenda
Day 1
Develop more efficient project management skills by learning decision
framing using an industry-relevant case.

Day 2
Practice decision framing and learn expert interviewing techniques
using an industry-relevant case in the morning and two real decision
frames in the afternoon.

Day 3
Refine decision framing and management communication skills using
an industry case in the morning and two real decision frames in the

Workshop - DM 201 - Decision Framing for Project Management

Instructors: Kent Burkholder

Sharpen your decision framing skills and achieve success in meeting your project goals.
Oct 28 - 30, 2019
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Melanie Welivar
(713) 647-9736
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All courses:
  • Held from 8:00am to 5:00pm (lunch included).
  • Include a 15-day evaluation copy of DTrio.
  • Require a laptop. Please contact us if you do not have one.
Decision Frameworks reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule this workshop. If a registrant cancels 30+ days, we will give a full refund, 14 - 29 days, we will refund 50% and less than 14 days, we will give a credit toward attending another course.

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