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Are you facing a multitude of oilfield optimization decisions? Attend Decision Frameworks' unique decision analysis training course. You'll sharpen your asset management acumen by learning efficient decision framing and uncertainty analysis skills.

Because real learning comes from doing, the Frame n' Go course is a problem-framing and uncertainty analysis training course that combines a pragmatic mix of theory and application.

Decision Frameworks supplements the teaching of the decision analysis process with practical exercises using typical oilfield operational decisions. Example case studies include:
  • Which artificial lift system should we use?
  • What is the best well completion strategy?
  • Should we repair or replace the pipeline?
  • Should we fish? For how long? Or just re-drill now?
  • Should we try a new fracture stimulation program?

Prescription for a Lifetime
At Decision Frameworks, we strongly believe that in order for decision skills to be improved, they must be practiced on a regular basis. Frequent and real-time use of decision analysis will improve day-to-day decisions and allow the process to take root and grow within your organization.

Frame n' Go Development Package
The complete training package combines the standard lectures and manuals with example case studies and state of the art problem - framing and analysis software, called DTrio®. The package helps attendees to make the transformation from merely being aware of decision analysis to becoming regular practitioners of it.

Course Outline
The three-day course follows Decision Frameworks' proven methodology of dividing instruction equally among framing, analysis and communication. The course curriculum includes coaching and practice in:

  • Framing decision problems to agree with the appropriate focus and project alternatives.
  • Assessing key project uncertainties to understand the range of potential project outcomes.
  • Gaining insight from probabilistic analysis to develop new, hybrid strategies to consider.
  • Communicating the problem set-up and analysis to ensure clarity and informed decision making with all the stakeholders.

Day 1
This session introduces the decision analysis process and teaches the fundamentals of problem-framing and uncertainty analysis. Attendees see two complete case studies, one of which they work in small breakout groups.

Day 2
Participants learn about the natural biases that exist in uncertainty estimations and how to counter-act those biases through
expert interviewing techniques and other, more advanced methods. Attendees work through another complete case study.

Day 3
The focus on the last day is to mine the results of uncertainty analysis for insight to develop hybrid strategies and to communicate the problem frame and analysis results to stakeholders. Attendees hone their problem-framing skills by framing real decision problems in their breakout groups.

Workshop - DM 203 - Decision & Risk Analysis Frame N' Go

Instructors: Kent Burkholder

A problem-framing and uncertainty analysis training course that combines a pragmatic mix of theory and application.
Sep 17 - 19, 2018
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Melanie Welivar
(713) 647-9736
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All courses:
  • Held from 8:00am to 5:00pm (lunch included).
  • Include a 15-day evaluation copy of DTrio.
  • Require a laptop. Please contact us if you do not have one.

Decision Frameworks Training
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