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DM 501 - Decision Quality with Enersight


If you’ve taken the introduction or advanced course to enersight and are looking to enhance your support for teams looking to make great decisions based on the analysis coming out of enersight, then this course is for you.  You will be introduced to the concepts of DQ (Decision Quality) including how to work with a team to create a Decision Frame (including strategy tables, influence diagrams and decision and risk timelines.  This will allow you to build better models to support your decision problems.  In many cases, decision based models tend to be smaller in scale and focused on addressing the decision problem at hand.  In the next stage of DQ, you will be exposed to Uncertainty Analysis.  Here you will experience the power of Tornados, Uncertainty Trees and Cumulative Probabilities curves.  You will see how your different decisions compare, what is truly driving the results, what uncertainties you might be able to mitigate, what you’ll have to life with and perhaps find a hybrid solution that will improve your results.

This course is hands on case based training.  You will use Decision Frameworks DTrio for Framing and TreeTop Enterprise software (with the proprietary link to enersight) to generate the Uncertainty Analysis.  You are expected to bring a laptop to class and you will be asked to download the software prior to the class.  You will receive a manual which will include lecture notes and case examples.

Course Outline

The one-day course follows Decision Frameworks proven methodology of dividing instruction equally among framing, analysis and communication. The course curriculum includes coaching and practice in:

  • Framing decision problems to agree with the appropriate focus and project alternatives.
  • Assessing key project uncertainties to understand the range of potential project outcomes.
  • Gaining insight from probabilistic analysis to develop new, hybrid strategies to consider.
  • Communicating the problem set-up and analysis to ensure clarity and informed decision making with all the stakeholders.


Attendees will get 15 day evaluation licenses to DTrio and TreeTop Enterprise. 

Workshop - DM 501 - Decision Quality with Enersight

Instructors: Jeremy Walker, Luis Mendoza
3esi-Enersight Office, Suite 800, 250 – 2nd Street S.W.
Nov 21, 2018
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Melanie Welivar
(713) 647-9736
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All courses:
  • Held from 8:00am to 5:00pm (lunch included).
  • Include a 15-day evaluation copy of DTrio.
  • Require a laptop. Please contact us if you do not have one.
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