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TreeTop's Decision Software for the Next Generation

The Challenges of Decision Quality

Today's decision makers have never been more challenged; as the speed of business accelerates, the ramifications of poor choices can be catastrophic. How then, can decision makers improve the quality of their decisions, mitigate their risks and be confident in the outcome? Through a structured workflow that can be learned and applied to all decision problems. Decision Frameworks' innovative decision tree application.


Decision Frameworks TreeTop application delivers state-of-the-art, Xbox 360®, style graphics interface with a powerful calculation control system and the capability to manage external models, such as those built in Microsoft Excel®.


TreeTop is not a variation of existing decision tree technology but a complete re-think of decision software, designed to take advantage of next generation technical advancements and to incorporate Microsoft Excel® as an add-in.

Scalable for facilitating day to day decisions rendered as simple trees, TreeTop further offers the power to develop extensive trees with several hundred thousand end nodes - building decision trees from "scratch" or automatically generating them from Tornado diagrams.


Key features include:

  • Create Tornado Diagrams with multiple interdependent variables
  • Automatic Decision Tree generation from Tornado Diagrams
  • Rapid Tree development with easy visualization of complex Trees
  • Imbed logic nodes and/or MS Excel VBA macros anywhere in the Tree structure
  • Calculation of directional decision paths based on multiple evaluation metrics
  • Instantaneous Tree re-calculation of only changed parts of the Tree
    Link Trees on multiple "worksheets"
  • Customize evaluation metrics
  • Properly handle recalculated evaluation metrics (e.g. IRR, ROR, etc.)
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of end nodes
  • Build Range of Value Curves from any node in the Tree
  • Compare Range of Value Curves across a variety of evaluation metrics

Technical Notes:

  • TreeTop is optimized to work with Microsoft Office Excel 2003 - Excel 2013, and the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms.
  • Technology includes:
    • .Net Framework 3.5
    • C# for core calculations, graphic libraries and user interface
    • Microsoft WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    • Direct 3D Graphics Engine
  • The graphics engine facilitates:
    • High speed rendering of expansive tree structures
    • Instantaneous zooming without visual degradation of performance
  • The calculation control system facilitates:
    • Live calculations with instantaneous visual updates
    • Intelligent cache algorithm for values linked in from Excel cell references

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7
Microsoft Office® 2003 - Office 2007
Microsoft Excel® 2003 - Excel 2013
Intel Pentium® 2.0+

Microsoft Windows®, Office®, Excel® and VBA® are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Pentium® is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation. TreeTop® is a registered trademark of Decision Frameworks. Decision Frameworks a Microsoft ISV program partner.

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