Competing in a Knowledge Economy

Competing in a knowledge economy offers both new challenges and new opportunities. The combined knowledge and experience of project and asset teams, for example, is critical to success in any industry.

However, an impending knowledge gap looms in the near term. Mature, experienced workers are retiring from the workforce and taking much of their industry experience and knowledge with them.



How then do you remain competitive in the face of the upcoming crew change? How do you reduce the potential for negative impact on prudent asset management? How do you transfer the value of all those years of experienced evaluation and decision making?


To address these challenges, Decision Frameworks has designed and developed a new standard for knowledge capture and delivery-OWL, the Organizational Wisdom Library. OWL provides a library of example decision cases in electronic format for rapid search and assimilation into a team's efficient evaluation and recommendation process.

Easy access to tested, relevant decision problem cases empowers teams to frame and evaluate recommendations with increased efficiency and improved decision quality.

A simple keyword query delivers a list of relevant case examples to support a variety of decision problems. Each case consists of:

  • A document (PDF) of the background of the decision problem
    and an explanation of the problem frame, analysis, and insights
    from the evaluation of the choices considered
  • The DTrio® problem frame (problem statement, relevant
    issues, decision focus, clearly defined alternatives and evaluation
  • The evaluation files, as applicable
    • DTrio®
      • Decision trees
      • Tornado diagrams
      • Range of value curves
    • MS Excel® Model
    • Economic case files
    • Any other relevant files (such as MS-Word and text documents,
      spread-sheets and economic case files, graphic images, audio and media files, and so on).

Using the insights and knowledge gained from the cases as a starting point, teams can clearly define and analyze their own decision problem. This capability not only saves valuable time and collective effort, but provides important standardization in how decision problems are addressed and dealt with internally.

The OWL standard may be used to create and share custom cases. As the cases multiply, your collective wisdom and corporate knowledge will emerge in a consistent, standardized and easily-accessed format. The OWL standard has been designed to address specific industry needs and is available with a database of either energy or pharmaceutical cases.

OWL Updates


Decision Frameworks will continue to update the library by adding cases reflective of changing industry conditions and new decision challenges that teams face. Once OWL is installed, the program automatically checks for new or updated content and downloads new cases. If Internet updates are not available at your location, subscription updates may be provided by compact disc (CD).

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10® 
  • Case study example files require corresponding Decision Frameworks software to be installed.
  • Online update facility requires BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) to be installed and running, as well as an Internet connection.

Microsoft Office®, Excel® and VBA® are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation Pentium® is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation DTrio® is a registered trademark of Decision Frameworks.

Download OWL Data Sheet

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