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Initially created to simplify Decision Analysis training and workshops, DTrio XL has grown into a commercial, corporate decision process software. DTrio XL is written in Microsoft VBA and works as an Excel® add-in. It comes with a series of standard decision templates and is also available with energy- and pharmaceutical-specific templates. DTrio is the newest version and is a standalone .net application.

DTrio XL is named for the three common types of corporate decisions:

  • Efficiency decisions
  • Information decisions
  • Complex decisions

Figure A: DTrio XL with DA Energy template - Strategy table

Incorporating a template approach, DTrio XL provides step-by-step assistance for the Decision Analysis workflow process. Specifically, the templates support:

  • Stating and refining a problem focus
  • Developing potential strategies
  • Testing problems boundaries

The templates provide a robust environment to guide the framing of all decision problem types.

Additionally, DTrio XL provides Value of Information analysis features. For example, decision trees for Value of Information problems are automatically generated from your documented set of uncertainties and decisions.

Software wizards

  • Tornado Wizard, for uncertainty analysis, supports an unlimited number of variables.
  • Tree from Tornado Wizard automatically creates trees from tornadoes.
  • Tree Wizard supports uncertainty trees with up to 243 end nodes.
  • Cumulative Probability Plot (or Excedence Curve) Wizard is used for graphically representing or comparing different Trees and strategies.
  • Influence Diagram Wizard inserts influence diagrams into your own workbooks.
  • All of these wizards work with any Excel workbook, not just the DTrio XL templates.

Figure C:DTrio XL with DA Energy template - Uncertainty Tree diagram

Features and Additions

  • Scenario Strategy template
  • Usability improvements throughout the software
  • Extended Process Guidance
  • Tool Help
  • Features added in the following:
    • Issues List
    • Decision Hierarchy
    • Influence Diagram
    • Strategy Table

    Figure D:DTrio XL with DA Energy template- Uncertainty Tree set-up wizard

Using DTrio XL's targeted templates, teams collaborate, share insights and expert opinions, and, most importantly, engage with management to ensure consideration of relevant project factors. The result is an auditable and consistent approach to decision making.


DTrio XL and its templates (including full downloads) are available for the Energy and Pharmaceuticals industries.




System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10®
  • Microsoft Office Excel®  2013 or Newer

Download DTrio XL® Data Sheet for Oil and Gas
Download DTrio® Data Sheet for Pharma

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