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"It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.” GK Chesterton, 1874-1936

It is human nature to encounter a problem and jump to a solution. That is how we make the many problems we encounter manageable. It even seems efficient. Unfortunately, many inefficiencies are born from our tendency to jump to the answer before standing back and asking ourselves, "what problem are we trying to solve and what questions do we need to answer before we can choose a solution?” That is what decision framing is all about – posing the right questions, either individually, or with a group, and structuring any necessary evaluation of alternatives to address those questions.

State of the Art Decision Framing Software

DTrio is designed to help democratize the art of Decision Framing and put Decision Quality into the hands of an organization. Gone is the requirement for whiteboards and flip charts, ad hoc spreadsheets and slide templates. DTrio helps individuals or teams quickly structure their thoughts to solve problems, by guiding them through the simple steps to frame their decisions.

Key Features:

  • Step by step Decision Framing toolkit
  • User definable Decision Framing templates and workflow
  • Prompts for clear decision problems/opportunity statements, objectives, key questions and givens
  • Integrated Project Governance and team contact information
  • Sorting, categorizing & grouping of issues
  • Automatic creation of the Decision Hierarchy
  • Drag and drop Strategy Tables, Uncertainty Tables and Influence Diagrams from sorted issues
  • Flexible Strategy, Scenario, and Qualitative Assessment Tables
  • Insightful, presentation ready Compare & Contrast modes for strategies and scenarios
  • High level Decision & Risk Timelines


Key Benefits for those New to Decision Framing


  • Great for individual framing of problems in preparation for team or management conversations
  • Uses the principal elements of Decision Analysis/Decision Quality framing
  • Available templates guide new framers through the steps they find most helpful
  • Adjustable workflow provides flexibility to address any size decision problem and change steps
  • needed
  • Guides and structures group conversations, creating a work product from team meetings
  • Enhances communication and project management via built-in team emailing, sharing of files
  • d decision record keeping
  • Clarifies project governance (decision makers, team, subject matter experts)


Key Benefits for Decision Framing Experts


  • Purpose-built Decision framing application designed to save experts time
  • Great display graphics turns team brainstorming into team "Framestorming” sessions
  • Project DTrio on a large screen and work with teams in real time, reducing time-consuming post session clean-up associated with whiteboards and flip charts
  • Supports copy/paste
  • Categorize issues once, reuse issues throughout the frame without retyping
  • Drag and drop issue sorting and grouping
  • Strategy tables can be reformed into Qualitative Assessment, Scenario, Pro/Cons and SWOT tables, plus many other useful thinking tools
  • Exports tables in a Microsoft Excel® format
  • Simplifies post workshop reports through built in spell checking and versatile screen capturing of all elements of the frame
  • Stores frames for future review and updating





System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10®



Microsoft Excel®, .Net®, Office® are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation

DTrio® is a registered trademark of Decision Frameworks L.P.

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