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Decision Frameworks App Store provides a select suite of comprehensive decision quality software to leverage decision quality in organizations. The Decision Frameworks Decision Software Suite includes:



DTrio a corporate decision process tool DTrio provides step-by-step assistance for the Decision Analysis workflow process. Specifically, the templates supports, stating and refining a problem focus, developing potential strategies and testing problems boundaries.

DTrio XL

A decision framing add-in to Excel with multiple templates including Standard Decision Analysis, Scenario Planning, Value of Information, Uncertainty Assessment and Reliability Plot templates. A standard, used in industries for more than a decade to help enhance the quality of decision making through a consistent easy to use tool.


OWL, the Organizational Wisdom Library. OWL is a library of example decision cases in electronic format for rapid search and assimilation into a team's efficient evaluation and recommendation process.


TreeTop is not a variation of existing decision tree technology but a complete re-think of decision software, designed to take advantage of next generation technical advancements and to incorporate Microsoft Excel® as an add-in. TreeTop features state-of-the-art, Xbox 360®, style graphics interface with a powerful calculation control system and the capability to manage external models, such as those built in Microsoft Excel®.


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