Decision Analysis

Why do you need Decision Quality? What is wrong with the way your decisions are made today? Business decisions are not made in a textbook environment. The supporting information is frequently incomplete, the variables complex, and the dynamics of interpersonal interactions challenging. The actual cost of poor decisions may not be known; what is known is that poor decisions cost individuals, teams, departments, and entire organizations competitive opportunities. What person, which company would not be willing to invest in a solution that directs them towards greater individual and organizational decision-making success?

The key is decision analysis; a structured methodology that weaves facilitation, mathematics, and organizational behavior tools into a managed, cogent framework.

Organizational Decision Quality

Cultivating decision analysis (DA) in your organization is a critical first step to decision improvement. There are three basic elements:

  • Problem/opportunity framing
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Project team/decision maker dialogue

These elements coupled with supporting software will revolutionize any individual or team decision-making processes and consequently enhance success opportunities. Beyond individuals and teams practicing DA is Decision Quality.

Decision Quality is more than the practice of DA in the corporate environment: it is a change of decision culture. Decision Quality is characterized by the full support of DA through all levels of the organization and the implementation of an infrastructure to support sustainable execution.

The benefits to the organization are managed, auditable decisions with continuous improvement and measurable results.

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