Operations Excellence and Late-Life Strategy

Once an asset is up and running, the major capital is spent. Well trained operations teams take over and continually improve the asset efficiency, maximizing uptime and production, and minimizing costs. From time to time in the asset’s life, opportunities may be presented that could significantly change the asset operations and, late in the asset’s life, we must choose whether to invest capital, ride the wave, sell or decommission the asset. You may find yourself asking questions like: Should I invest capital to reduce operating costs? Should we plan for a major turn-around? Should I invest in new opportunities for the asset? Should we embark on a major debottlenecking project? Should we turn-down or expand capacity? When should we plan for decommissioning and what is our reclamation plan?

Examples include:

  • Facility automation, data monitoring and analysis
  • Facility debottlenecking, overhaul, capacity expansion or down-turn
  • Near-field exploration, infill drilling, recompletion and enhanced oil recovery for oil and gas
  • Mine closure and reclamation plan
  • Coal fired power plant closure and decommissioning strategy (or re-tooling as a gas-fired plant)


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