Major Capital Projects Strategy

Major capital projects are typically characterized by high, front-end loaded, capital costs as you design, build and commission a new asset that will generate a long-term revenue stream for your organization. Optimizing the development is difficult, given the number of design directions you could take and the high uncertainty on what could result. You might be asking questions such as: Which technologies should we implement? What capacity should we target? Should we design now for future expansion? Should we seek partners? What business model would be optimal? Which uncertainties could critically impact project value? How could we de-risk those uncertainties today, before we sanction the project? What happens if the regulatory or commercial structure changes?

Examples include:

  • New manufacturing facility
  • New wind or solar power development
  • Offshore petroleum development
  • Carbon capture and sequestration solution s
  • New mine or mineral development
  • Production, marketing and distribution strategy for a new pharmaceutical compound
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