A Playbook for Lifecycle Decisions

Production Excellence

A tailored package of practical decision quality software, training and consulting services targeted to ensure efficiency and value-add to the significant or stage-gate decisions pertinent to optimizing the recovery from producing assets.


Provides clear understanding and agreement on:

  • Key project risks and uncertainties threatening the maximization of recovery
  • Optimization opportunities, such as: infill drilling, recompletion, facility, EOR and workovers
  • Pilot program or data gathering options to consider to reduce project risks/uncertainties
  • Risk/uncertainty reduction potential associated different pilot data gathering options
  • Potential value-add of the different optimization opportunities
  • Optimization project decision criteria


  • Field production optimization plan/strategy with timeline
  • Decision policy for projects dependent on information gathering and/or pilot program response
  • Skill set to revisit and update production optimization strategy as needed


  1. Framing session to understand the full spectrum of production optimization opportunities, the key risks and uncertainties associated with them, and the different field optimization strategies to consider
  2. "Frame check" meeting with decision makers
  3. Next level, mini-framing sessions to characterize the individual production optimization opportunities
  4. Uncertainty assessment expert interviews to characterize key project risks and uncertainties for individual optimization opportunities
  5. Reliability of information expert interviews for uncertainty reduction potential of different pilot and/or data gathering programs being considered
  6. Screening economics for individual optimization options
  7. "Results" meeting with decision makers to review the optimization potential associated with the different opportunities and selection of the best production optimization strategy/decision policy to pursue
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