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A Playbook for Lifecycle Decisions

EOR & Pilot Excellence

A tailored package of practical decision quality software, training and consulting services targeted to ensure efficiency and value-add to the high level design and evaluation of pilots and/or lab and field trials of new technology and/or enhanced oil recovery pilots.


Provides clear understanding and agreement on:

  • Key project risks and uncertainties
  • Full field EOR implementation decisions affected if project risks and uncertainties are reduced
  • Information gathering options to consider to reduce key project risks/uncertainties
  • Pilot designs to consider
  • Uncertainty reduction potential of each pilot design
  • Cost / benefit and potential value-add of each pilot design
  • Full-field or first-phase implementation sanction criteria


  • Ranked EOR technologies
  • Near-term pilot plan with timeline for optimum technology
  • Decision policy for various stages of the pilot
  • Skill set to revisit and update piloting strategy as needed


  1. Framing session to agree EOR technology options, project status, including key uncertainties, decisions being debated, and piloting strategies to consider
  2. "Frame check" meeting with decision makers to capture new ideas and ensure alignment
  3. Uncertainty assessment expert interviews to characterize key project risks and uncertainties
  4. Screening economics of base case no pilot implementations to rank EOR technology potential and uncertainties, and quantify impact of each EOR technology option
  5. Reliability of information expert interviews for uncertainty reduction potential of different pilot strategies, and resulting confidence plots
  6. Pilot design evaluation
  7. "Results" meeting with decision makers to select optimum EOR technology to pilot and/or pilot strategy, decision policy for potential pilot extensions and/or first phase of full-field implementation of the selected EOR technology

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