A Playbook for Lifecycle Decisions

Engagement Model

There are four potential engagement models for asset managers to consider when running a decision excellence "play" with Decision Frameworks. Factors such as internal skill development, project deadlines, and resources need to be factored in when selecting the model. There are advantages and disadvantages to each engagement model. Many asset managers choose a customized combination of the engagement offerings to suit their objectives.


In a typical consulting engagement, there would be 1-2 days of preparation ahead of each workshop, followed by a workshop or series of workshops of about 1-4 days in length, depending on the complexity of the decisions and the goals of the workshop. In the workshops, the team is oriented with a brief introduction to the overall process and relevant workflow steps (with case study and theory presentations) and then facilitated through the steps. There may also be time required for follow-up facilitation and/or coaching between the workshops.

Project Jumpstart

A project jumpstart intersperses formal training modules between work on the real project. The jumpstart has two goals: to provide the participants some high level training and to move a project forward. These are highly customized workshops which take a little more preparation to ensure that the workshops are well structured.


Formal practical decision analysis stage gate workflow training is customized for each Decision Excellence phase. Skill development objectives for participants dictate which training to select.


This is intermittent consulting with teams and/or internal experts at key points to ensure efficiency and quality in executing the Decision Excellence workflow.

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