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A Playbook for Lifecycle Decisions

Commercial Excellence

A tailored package of practical decision quality software, training and consulting services targeted to ensure efficiency and value-add to the optimization of commercial terms, including lease acquisitions, country entry strategies, transportation, refining and marketing terms, and production sharing agreements.


Provides clear understanding and agreement on:

  • Key project risks and uncertainties
  • Key commercialization options available
  • Commercialization strategies to consider
  • Risk/uncertainty reduction potential associated different commercial strategies
  • Quantification of impact of specific terms or options for negotiations
  • Optimization project decision criteria
  • High-level direction for negotiations, including walk-away criteria


  • Commercial plan/strategy with timeline
  • Decision policy for projects or negotiations
  • Skill set to revisit and update production commercial strategy as needed


  1. Framing session to understand the spectrum of commercial options, the key risks and uncertainties associated with them, and the different strategies to consider
  2. "Frame check" meeting with decision makers
  3. Risk/uncertainty assessment expert interviews or peer reviews to characterize key prospect, play and commercial risks and uncertainties
  4. Screening economics for individual commercialization options, including "terms" tornado diagrams
  5. Commercial strategy evaluation, including "terms" vs. key asset uncertainties pre-negotiation analysis tables
  6. "Results" meeting with decision makers to select commercial strategy and agree negotiation limits

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