Decision Frameworks WorleyParsons Field Development Planning Consulting

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The combined resources of the Decision Frameworks-WorleyParsons team helps customers evaluate and answer a broad range of questions relevant to effective exploration and production investments.

  • What are the key project risks and uncertainties?
  • What subsurface realizations are pertinent to development concept decisions?
  • Which development decisions could be affected if the project risks and uncertainties were reduced?
  • Should appraisal strategies be considered to reduce key uncertainties prior to concept selection?
  • What key technology gaps need to be addressed and what is the best timing to address them?
  • Which development concept options should be considered given the range of subsurface possibilities?
  • Under what conditions might an early production system add value to the field development?
  • How can we rationalize tradeoffs between the different development concepts being considered with respect to different decision criteria?

Our integrated team's focus on quality decision making practices supports challenging field development
and appraisal planning opportunities. We offer tailored solutions for each project's unique needs:

  • Appraisal planning studies
  • Development concept selection studies
  • Industry-leading project kick-off and framing workshops
  • World-class decision facilitation for field development planning projects
  • Joint flagship skill development training:
  • Decision framing for project management
  • Deepwater appraisal excellence
  • Decision and risk analysis field development planning

The Decision Frameworks-WorleyParsons team employs an integrated approach to provide:

  • An enhanced field development process with a concerted focus on decision quality
  • Structured, detailed framing sessions that broadly cover the decision problems being solved
  • Efficient use of framing time through effective facilitation
  • Use of proven industry best practices, decision processes, methodologies and tools consistent across both appraisal and development
  • Continuity of approach through all aspects of decision making in an asset's lifecycle
  • Auditable deliverables and transparency of decisions throughout the process
  • Enabling informed quality decisions and clarity of action
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