Marketing and Communications Assistant

Job Responsibilities:


  • Create short instructional videos featuring DF software
  • Maintain and update company CRM system, potentially upgrade system
  • Organize and manage e-communications including e-cards, website and social media
  • Update marketing material as required
  • Article submissions
  • Coordinating marketing events (including trade shows, client events)

Consulting/Software Support

  • Client facing frontline consulting/software support
  • Field support inquiries and solve straight forward issues
  • Follow-up on all training services
  • Course material customization
  • Potentially, install software and work with clients

Sales Support

  • Implement software renewals program
  • Assistance in lead generation and follow-up
  • Follow-up on all software trials

Target Candidate

  • 5-8 years’ experience
  • Degree in Communications/Marketing/I.T.
  • Related or transferable experience
  • Salary: $35-50K/year

Apply Now

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